The Night Country

for february 2010, fireball wrote a bunch of words and sent them out to farflung folks to put them to music. seventeen songs came back from that venture. fireball added a little bit to many of the songs, with mixed results. here is information about the songs.

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cue the train

      words by fireball
      music and performance by margaret bonnell
      district of columbia, USA
      lead guitar and train sounds added by fireball

It's a perfect night, the halflight shines
like dew upon the hemlock,
dark and spark, forget, remember
raging fire burned down to ember
nevermore will be forever
moments kept the rest surrender
telling wind blows in the weather
quelling weather on the wind
      Faroff visibility through cold and gentle rain...

It's a lonely sight, the sky reminds
a girl of faraway talk,
blush and gush, receive, deliver
ebb and flow the endless river
summer soothe and winter shiver
breathing all the world can give her
all the arrows in the quiver
all the quivers in her skin
      Friends are gone, the curtains drawn, no one to entertain...

I have seen the light, so many times
like fire to guide a lost flock
rage and age, embrace and sever
this our ongoing endeavour
nevermore will be forever
let the oracles tell whether
any strategy is better
better always to begin
      Some things we just have to live with, nevermind the pain...

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