The Night Country

for february 2010, fireball wrote a bunch of words and sent them out to farflung folks to put them to music. seventeen songs came back from that venture. fireball added a little bit to many of the songs, with mixed results. here is information about the songs.

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hollywood geography

      words by fireball

The train along the Mediterranean
from Finale Ligura to Marseille
And onward across the border into Barcelona
The games were well underway.
Her eyes are not of one color.
Life is short, life is dull, life is full of pain.
Only unfulfilled love can be romantic.
Chronic dissatisfaction was her name.

All I know of Spain I learned from Scarlett Johannsen
And football on a black and white TV.
Now I'm walking down the streets of Oviedo
And I can't make any sense of what I see.

The latest electronics in Narita
The latest tunes in the expat hotel lounge
Isolated from the foreign buzz of Tokyo
The streets full of unfamiliar sounds.
Layed over for what seemed like forever,
Flying back from the Bangkok wedding scene
Kanji on an untouched pair of chopsticks
Trying to decipher just what they mean.

All I know of Tokyo was Scarlett Johannsen
And some mumbles in a drunk Dutch Harbor bar
Kamikazes and tsunamis in flowing blonde waves.
Searching everywhere for that one shining star.

Those lands that lie beyond the movies
Those blank spots in the map on the wall
That hangs in the shadows by the popcorn stand
Selling candy in my brain's movie hall.

All I know of Z├╝rich is Scarlett Johannsen
And the clowns along the south side of the Rhine
The monkeys and the elephants
Beer gardens and Spanish summer wine

Letters written by the light of the big screen,
Sent off to some Hollywood address.
Projecting pictures on the buildings of exotic whereabouts,
Filling up the world's emptiness.

And all I know of love I learned from Scarlett Johannsen
Trisomy, me and my TV, and the booze
All in all I know of Spain from Scarlett Johannsen
Kissing Penelope Cruz

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