The Night Country

for february 2010, fireball wrote a bunch of words and sent them out to farflung folks to put them to music. seventeen songs came back from that venture. fireball added a little bit to many of the songs, with mixed results. here is information about the songs.

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down off the mountain

      words by fireball
      music and performance by kim beggs
      whitehorse, yukon territory
      whistling and backing vocals added by fireball

Down off the mountain on a warm april night
Rounding the bend by Loppermann
The bridge on the gullyway rolls into sight
town comes in view as a faraway light
Comes in view rounding the bend

Over the forks where the meltwaters flow
Past fences from grand daddy's farm
the miles fly by fast and the moments pass slow
And on the horizon the familiar glow
Shines like my oldest friend

Long day gone by and a light up the way
trees on the outskirts of town
Schoolhouse and churchyard painted in grey
Stores down on Front street fade with the day
Watch as the angels descend

Home again home again, evening stars shine
All the wishes waiting to be
The way that the day passes this old life of mine
Warmth of the bed and a bottle of wine
Another day comes to an end

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