The Night Country

for february 2010, fireball wrote a bunch of words and sent them out to farflung folks to put them to music. seventeen songs came back from that venture. fireball added a little bit to many of the songs, with mixed results. here is information about the songs.

russ kelly
huge munro
april souza
honza hornicek
john keech
sarah c. hanson
eric distad
margaret bonnell
john kohler
molly thornton
leighton nunez
sarah mitchell
russ & ellen kelly
laura davis
ryan woodard
kendra calhoun
kim beggs

01 prelude
02 say hello to diomede
03 boats & bridges
04 eat yer hat
05 from zaire to rhodesia
06 rock bottom
07 little boats
08 the loneliest chocolate
09 cue the train
10 the toad & the quoll
11 heavy water
12 tokyo zen
13 spaceship from portland
14 secret agent of love
15 apples
16 bells of zurich
17 another west kansas ballad
18 down off the mountain
19 epilogue

the midnight dark
clouds roll south
down falls the rain
until we boil away
ten thousand iron horses
what are you doing to me?
hollywood geography
the aspens
the flight of the wikaris
foreign lovechild ice hockey blues